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After completing the registration, you can easily begin using the Exness web terminal. This platform lets you discover and get comfortable with our trading tools, offering a wide range of assets to work with.
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Updated 15.05.2024

Demo vs Real account

The main difference is that real accounts trade with real money, whereas demo accounts on the Exness web terminal use virtual funds that don't have actual monetary value. Both account types, however, operate under the same market conditions, allowing demo accounts to serve as an excellent way to test your trading strategies. The Exness terminal also offers a training account that you can access immediately after signing up, free of charge and without needing to make any deposits. If you decide to switch to using real money, you only need to make a minimum deposit and update your account settings to a real account when you're ready to engage in real trading.
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Why use a demo account?

Online trading can be a quick way to build capital, but it also carries risks, especially for those who are new to it, and can lead to potential financial losses. The forex market, in particular, is considered quite volatile. It's recommended for traders to start with a virtual balance to practice before committing real money. This approach is simple and safe. Making trading mistakes can be costly, so it's essential to prevent them by practicing first. A demo account on the
Exness terminal is perfect for this purpose. Exness offers a free account that allows clients to get used to the trading platform and mitigate financial risks. Experienced traders use these demo accounts to try out new strategies, while beginners can learn how to make trades, analyze the price movements of assets, and predict future market trends.
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Advantages of using Exness web terminal

  • Forex Trading
    You can try out Forex trading without spending any money, which is a significant advantage of using a demo account. While theoretical knowledge is useful, it doesn't completely protect a new trader from possible losses and risks; however, demo trading offers a chance to practice without risking any money.
  • Real-Time Trading
    You can gain real-time trading experience without any risk. Understanding the financial market can be difficult without actual exposure. A demo account allows you to directly observe and learn from the market environment. The Exness demo terminal uses the same interface as the real-money version, with realistic quotes, helping you develop the intuition needed to predict price changes more effectively.
  • Trading Tools and Instruments
    With a demo account, you can test all trading tools and instruments for free. It's important to know what tools and resources your broker offers before you deposit money and begin real trading. The Exness demo account lets you immediately explore the analytics and technical analysis tools on the platform, along with the analytical content provided. Practicing with these tools in a simulated environment helps you understand how they work and decide if they meet your needs for successful trading.

Disadvantages of using Exness web terminal

A demo account doesn't provide a true trading experience. On such accounts, it's easy to make several profitable trades in a row just by guessing the market's direction, which might lead inexperienced traders to mistakenly switch to real accounts where they could lose all their money due to lack of actual trading skills.

Trading in a demo setting doesn't expose traders to real risks or the emotional impact of potential financial losses. In real trading, your actions directly affect your financial outcomes, potentially leading to significant gains or rapid losses. Understanding these risks is crucial for long-term success, but a demo account can't simulate this experience. With virtual funds, you can reset your balance without consequences, reducing the sense of risk and emotional involvement.

This may create a misleading impression that making money in the forex market is easy, whereas real success requires strict management of both market conditions and personal emotions.


How do I trade with an Exness Demo Account?
The Exness demo account in Exness terminal is available to all users and is a useful tool for understanding the dynamics of real trading without financial risk. It operates with virtual money but mimics real-market conditions to provide practical experience in trading. This is beneficial not just for beginners but also for experienced traders looking to experiment with new strategies without financial consequences.
How do I set up an Exness MT4 Demo Account?
All registered users at Exness are eligible for a demo account. Once you complete registration, you'll be taken to your Personal Area, where you can open a demo account and switch between it and a real trading account whenever necessary. Use the demo account to try out new trading strategies and improve your skills risk-free.
How do I set up an Exness MT5 Demo Account?
Opening a demo account with Exness is straightforward and automatic following registration. As soon as you join, you gain access to the demo account which you can use from your Personal Area without making any deposits. This account, which uses virtual currency, can be used indefinitely to practice trading, and you can replenish the virtual funds whenever they run out.
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